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Agona Offshore has been providing International Procurement Services to Middle East Companies, North and South Africa since the beginning of 2018. Since then Agona has pushed the boundaries of concept of Better – Faster – Cheaper. One thing that is apparent in our work ethic is quality. Since this is a service based industry, we realize that the quality of our services coupled with outstanding saving brought to clients ensures us as the best bet in International procurement.

Providing the right solution to simplify and reduce expenditures relating to small, medium and big amounts ordering and procurement services. Agona works with supplying products from Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, United States and Japan) and Eastern Europe.


Along with our guaranteed prices being highly competitive, we offer high quality stantdard.

Perfect Communication

Our Support team is ready to help you anytime 24/7 days a week.

Reliability & Punctuality
Our essential values are reliability and punctuality, and we highly value them.

Smart Planning

Smart plans significantly reduce costs, to insure our clienteles receive the most adequate quality and reasonable prices all over the globe.

Happier customers, Agona provides a significant increase in efficiency across the whole value chain.

Our clients come from multiple countries, and comprise many of the world’s best-known enterprises in addition to a vast number of other industries looking for gains inefficiency, security and simplicity.


Our Services

Reaching any elementary raw material is our specialty.
we hold the key to the best grains suppliers from potatoes grains to all other best quality growing grains.
We supply any processing industry with the best yet most affordable raw material supplies from the best renowned sources available…
FMCG is also a beneficiary industry since we hold the A to Z that results with the best end user…

Agona Services

Agona services will allow you to reduce the purchasing, transport and import costs, while simplifying the procurement process.

Usually the acquisition of products from the overseas is characterized by extremes: High transaction volume, high labor cost per transaction, large supply base, low transaction values, low service levels and low inventory turns.



For the past 5 years, TNT Mate has been a great partner and absolutely vital in the development of our international shipping business. They have an excellent track record of picking up and delivering our loads on time without issue. Their dispatchers and load planners are always happy to help with whatever we throw their…

Emma Doe Company CEO

TNT Mate has proven to be a very dependable trucking company. This is highlighted by their excellent communication and sense of urgency on every shipment. Their dispatchers and customer service reps have proven to be very trustworthy and customer oriented. I would recommend them to anybody looking for great rates and no excuses get it…

Jane Stewart CFD Engineer

I would recommend TNT Mate to anyone, but especially those who have been in the industry a while and know how difficult international shipping can be. They are amazing at what they do. I consider the relationship we have with TNT Mate to be a great asset to handle our most demanding loads, and I…

Marta Stewart client

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